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Hi, I’m Sarah Macdonald and I know how effective the power of a challenge is. I know the extreme power of a public challenge and I know what a massive difference it makes when you’re not doing it alone, so it made perfect sense for me to team up with Body by Vi and offer you the chance to take part in the biggest challenge in the world.

I originally built Six-Pack for Girls as a personal challenge transformation site and have transformed myself from an obese, unhappy and very unhealthy UK size 14/16 (with almost 40% body fat!) into a very fit, happy and healthy UK size 6 (with less than 12% body fat – yes that’s really me in the pictures!).

I know EXACTLY what it takes, both mentally and physically, to completely transform your body and stay looking AMAZING.

I can help YOU transform your body too…[click to read more]



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