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    WHO to read is so important in this industry - there are hundreds of people out there offering advice which is sometimes questionable and often conflicting.

    When choosing the team, integrity and proven expertise was the number one criteria - to make sure you get all the information you want, without having to worry about whether it's based on fact or fiction.

    Reading like the Who's Who of Health and Fitness, our panel of experts include:

    TOM VENUTO ~ championship bodybuilder and author of the best-seller Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and The Body Fat Solution

    JACO DE BRUYN ~ international fitness model and WBFF Pro

    FLAVIA DEL MONTE ~ personal trainer and creator of the Flavilicious world class training programmes

    DAVE RUEL ~ bodybuilding and nutrition expert

    SARAH MACDONALD ~ transformation expert and fitness coach

    DOUGAL MACDONALD ~ the mind-muscle master and personal trainer

    SCOTT & ANGIE TOUSIGNANT ~ physique artist and creator of the Metabolic Masterpiece programme

    CHRISTIAN FINN ~ trainer to the trainers

    As you can see, you can be SURE that everything you read in these pages has been carefully researched, tested and can be trusted.

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