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Do You Suffer From Diet Dating Syndrome?

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You have probably never heard of Diet Dating Syndrome (DDS) but you’ve probably given it a go on more than one occasion!

Sufferers of DDS cannot resist trying out the latest new diet in the hope that it will be ‘the one’ that sees them FINALLY achieve the body of their dreams and, of course, all in less than half an hour a week!

A report was recently published in the UK which revealed that one in five British women is constantly on a diet, yet the obesity rate continues to rise.

Almost 90% of 2000 British women who were surveyed revealed they had tried to lose weight at some point during their lifetime. Sixty percent confessed they were currently on a diet and 20% admitted to being on a ‘continuous diet’.

In February the World Heath Organisation (WHO) published a map of the world’s weight which showed that in 2010 63.8% of British women were classified as either overweight or obese. I’m not picking on British women (my darling wife would definitely have some to say about that, especially as the map showed that 68.5% of South African women fell into the overweight category!) it’s simply a British study that highlighted the issue of ‘diet dating’.

It’s estimated that over 14 million British women are on a diet at any one time, yet over 60% of the female population is overweight – clearly something isn’t working!

I have long hated the phrase being ‘ON a diet’ – if you get on something then it’s implied you’ll get off it again. By saying you’re ON a diet signals that, at some point, it will come to an end. Then what?  Go back to eating how you were before?  And so the yo-yo cycle starts.  Not only that, but your patience and belief in your ability to lose weight and keep it off is eroded every single time.

If you identify with this then it’s time to seriously commit to hanging up your diet dating shoes and embark on a long-term, steady relationship with sensible, healthy eating.  If you keep going ON and OFF diets – and we all know that means eating terribly in between – then you’re never going to look and feel the way you want to.

This doesn’t mean having to give up chocolate and cake forever – it simply means that eating these things are the exception rather than the norm. My husband and I go out for a piece of cake once a week on a Saturday (unless I’m prepping for competition) and we thoroughly enjoy it, but if it’s not a Saturday then NO cake.

Being ON a diet is miserable because you inevitably spend most of the time thinking about all the things you ‘can’t have and how long it’s going to be before you have them again – even though it’s those very things that caused you to go ON your diet in the first place.

You can’t date an awesome body and a terrible diet at the same time, it’s simply not possible. You can go out with one or the other, but not both.

DIETS. DO. NOT. WORK! Stop going ON them – life is too short to waste endless years and years of it going round in diet circles.  Not only that, it’s exhausting, demoralising and expensive.

Feeling and looking great is the result of a fit and healthy LIFESTYLE, not an elusive miracle diet that you get on and  get off of.

Give up dating those diet ‘bad boys’ – they’re no good for you and will just keep breaking your heart!


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