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Get Back On Track After The Weekend

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get back on track after the weekend

Do you need to get back on track after the weekend?

What did you get up to?  Anything, something, nothing?

I was away from home for the weekend back in the town I grew up in for a 22-year high school reunion; the friend I stayed with was under strict instructions from all the other girls I went to school with to ply me with cake, crisps, and all things I generally don’t eat and drink!

She was never one to shy away from a challenge and I have to say she did a pretty good job 😉

Here are my top tips to help you out, just in case you need a bit of help to get back on track after the weekend.

Tips To Get Back On Track After The Weekend

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Whether you planned to eat off your normal beaten track over the weekend and went a bit over the top, or just gave in to temptation, if you’re beating yourself up about it now – STOP!

You can’t un-eat and drink things you did, what’s done is done and you need to move forward.  Berating yourself and bemoaning the fact you weren’t going to eat this and that will just make you feel worse and has the potential to see you diving into the food deep end again to make yourself feel better…temporarily.

I promise you won’t have undone every single bit of calorie-burning, fat-shedding work you’ve ever done in your entire life over one 24 – 48-hour period. There’s no need to give up altogether, it’s simply time to MOVE. ON!

Reconnect With Your Goals

Setting solid goals and staying connected to them is one of your biggest allies when it comes to getting back on track after the weekend.

Without solid goals you’re far more likely to wander down temptation alley and along overindulgence road, eventually ending up right back where you started or beyond!

Use visualisation picures to help you see what it is you’re wanting to achieve.

Write a new set of affirmations (in the present tense) to help you focus on what you want to do and how you want to live ie:

  • I eat clean food
  • I drink enough water every day
  • I train six days a week
  • I get between six and eight hours sleep a night
  • I love living a healthy lifestyle

Clear The Fridge And Cupboards

If you’ve still got ice-cream in the freezer, crisps/chips, cake and chocolate in the cupboard and beer or wine in the fridge – GET RID OF IT!

Only with the BEST will-power in the world will you be able to get back on track after the weekend with all of that lot hanging around, it will call to you when you’re feeling at your most vulnerable and will be incredibly difficult to resist.

Couple that with the very common ‘it would be a shame to waste it/I can’t bear to waste it’ notion and you’re all set for a collision course with your body fat calipers!

If you can’t bring yourself to dump everything in the bin, either give it away to people who doesn’t share your fitness goals or get someone else to ditch it for you.

But whatever you do, make things easy on yourself and don’t keep your weekend indulgence leftovers in the house!

Take Positive Action

Do something other than listen to the ‘I want to eat ice-cream voice’.

My most tried and trusted tip for this is to put some music on and dance around a bit – a full-scale workout later in the evening is a bit serious for my taste, dancing around the way you did when you were a teenager in your bedroom is much more like it and can work wonders!

Turn the volume up, press play, engage in a bit of crazy not-taking-yourself-at-all-seriously shufflin’ and see if you don’t feel a bit brighter after!

It’s so daft you can’t help but smile; it’s quite energetic, so your heart will be working just a little harder, and I guarantee the sudden rush of endorphins, along with a dash of seratonin, adrenaline and dopamine, will very quickly kick that little ice-cream ‘whisper’ into touch.

And Finally…

These are just some of the tips and tricks I’ve used to successfully get back on track after the weekend, I hope you find them useful 😀

If you have some get back on track after the weekend tips of your own, pop over to our Facebook page and share them with everyone –

  1. March 1, 2012


    Great tips Sarah. Thanks for posting. I’m going to pring this out and share it with some ladies I’ll be talking to next week.

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