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Six Pack Snacks – Protein Balls

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A very good friend of mine used to be a chef at one of London’s most famous five-star hotels. We often chat about food and throw around ideas for six-pack recipes – one of our most recent creations were: six-pack balls.

These Six-Pack ‘Abdomiballs’ are amazingly quick and simple to make, and taste so good you’ll have to remind yourself NOT to feel guilty after eating them because they are 100% six-pack legal; awesome.

You won’t need to make a note of all the ingredients, because I’m sure you’ll be able to remember them.  In fact, there’s hardly anything to remember at all.


  • Protein Powder
  • Oats
  • Water

Yep, that’s it. Nothing more, or less, than I have in my protein shakes – no nuts, no seeds, no dates, nothing but oats and 100% whey protein powder (although you could add other things in like raisins and nuts, just remember – the more things you add, the more calories you’re adding and this is about keeping those low and the ‘yum’ factor HIGH).

I used the same quantities that I use for my shakes too, apart from the water – you only need to tiniest amount to bind the oats and protein together.

Step One – put the oats and protein in my killer blender and zapped it until the oats were almost as fine as the protein powder (you don’t have to make it fine, I just chose to).

Step Two – put the blended oats and protein into a bowl and added a dribble of water to it and started to combine everything with a spoon.

** I cannot stress enough how little water you’re going to need – seriously underestimate what you initially think and you should be about right.  You’ll think it’s not going to be enough and be tempted to add more, DON’T!

I was warned about this; on my first attempt I did add more water and ended up with a sloppy mess – just keep working the ingredients together until they form a firm dough.

Step Three – turn your protein dough ball out onto a chopping board – I found it helped to roll it quickly in protein powder to stop it sticking to the board – and press it down so it’s flat.  If you fancy the idea of a thick soft and chewy cookie then you could leave it just like this; if you want balls, then you’ll need to do a bit more work.

Step Four – cut your dough into quarters and then each of those quarters in half. Then roll them between the palms of your hands to form small balls – to make them look a little bit ‘special’ (think chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder) I rolled them in protein powder, this also stops them from sticking to each other too.

Step Five – put them in a little container, store them in the fridge and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is all there is to it!


You can choose how many balls to make, you don’t have to divvy your dough into eights – the choice is entirely yours.  But for me, 30g of protein powder and 35g of oats works really nicely rolled into eight balls.

They are incredibly filling as they’re very dense and chewy and are best accompanied by a hot drink (to melt them off the roof of your mouth and your teeth!); honestly, they are properly YUM!

They’ll work with any flavour protein too – the ones I made today were with Rocky Road and Banana flavour protein – and will make taking your shake with you to work, or out and about, just that little bit easier and mess/hassle-free.

Now, about the name – protein balls.  It’s boring – so I’m going to throw it out to you guys to come up with a killer name for these six-pack protein balls!

Whilst you get your thinking caps on, I’ll  think of a prize to give to the creator of the winning name.

Post your name suggestions over on our Facebook page –  – and let us know if you make your own ‘protein balls’ and in which flavours.

  1. August 29, 2014


    Do you know what the cals are for this?

    • August 29, 2014

      Sarah Macdonald

      Hi Jessica 🙂

      The calories will ultimately be determined by the quantities of protein powder and oats that you use, and the breakdown of your brand of protein powder – not all protein powders are created equal!

      But for the 30g protein and 35g oats numbers that I quoted, using normal oats and Gold Standard Rocky Road whey protein, the numbers look like this:

      Calories – 237
      Protein – 30g
      Carbs – 24g
      Fat – 2g
      Fibre – 6g

      Hope that helps!

      Sarah x

      • November 16, 2014


        Is that calories per ball or all 8 ?

        • November 20, 2014

          Sarah Macdonald

          Hi Michelle 🙂

          If you’re referring to the 237 calories and the other numbers I mentioned in a reply above, then that’s for all eight balls (using 30g of protein powder and 35g of oats).

          Sarah x

  2. June 4, 2012


    how many do you recommend you can have a day??

    • June 4, 2012


      Hi Karina

      The answer to that question totally depends on your own personal calorie needs for the day and how you choose to structure your eating plan. They are nothing more than a different way of packaging your usual protein shake – we’ve just done away with most of the water you’d mix it with.

      So if you have usually have one protein shake a day, use those quantities and just have them once. If you have two shakes a day then, again, use exactly the same quantities as you normally would, and eat them twice.

      PLEASE remember to drink water though – because we’ve taken the water out, you need to add it back in somewhere. Your usual digestive routine will soon let you know if you haven’t…if you get my meaning 😉

      Sarah x

  3. June 3, 2012


    These look great! Could you bake them in the oven, or would this denature the protein? If not, what temperature/time would you recommend?

    • June 4, 2012


      Hey Niall

      I’ve never thought about baking them in the oven, I’m rather intrigued as to why you’d want to – I’m all for make and EAT, rather than make, bake, wait and eat 😉

      As to whether it would affect the protein – your guess is as good as mine, there are plenty of recipes for muffins and pancakes that use protein powder and it doesn’t seem to have done the creators any harm (I’m talking Scott Tousignant and Dave Ruel here, if you know what they look like then you’ll know what I mean!) so why not give it a go and have some fun experimenting 😀

      If you do, come back and let us know how you get on!

      Sarah x

      • June 4, 2012


        Hi Sarah,

        Thanks for the reply. I’d have no problem eating them uncooked, but I’d like my wife to try them and I know she’d prefer them cooked. So I was just wondering what your thoughts were.

        I’ll give them a go anyway!


  4. June 3, 2012


    Hi , I dont have protein powder in my country , is there any alternative to it ?

    • June 4, 2012


      Hi – I’m trialing something in the kitchen RIGHT NOW that might be a suitable alternative for you.

      It’s savoury though, not sweet – it might take a little while to vome up with a non-protein powder sweet equivalent!

      Watch this space for protein ball alternative news 😉

      Sarah x

      • June 5, 2012


        i really appreciate your efforts

        i adore the sweet foods .so, what can i do about this problems ?

        could u please provide to me ingredients of a low calories sweet foods

  5. June 3, 2012


    What are the amounts of protein powder and oats to use?

    • June 3, 2012


      Hi Mario 🙂

      Just use the same ratios you’d use in your normal protein shake.

      The amount of water you’ll need to bring everything together will depend on your ratios and the type of oats you use – but it will ALWAYS be much, much less than you think!

      Let me know how they turn out!

      Sarah x

  6. June 3, 2012



    • June 3, 2012


      Ooooh Chris – now THAT’S clever; I LIKE that!

      Sarah x

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