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Six-Pack Snacks – Triple Pepper Egg ‘Mayonnaise’

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Do you ever have those moments when something pops into your head out of the blue and then you just absolutely HAVE to have it?!

I had a food one of those on Sunday evening: six-pack friendly egg mayonnaise with peppers on Ryvita.  It was going to be amazing…crunchy and soft with just the right amount of ‘mayonnaise’.

I always have hard-boiled eggs on hand (they are SUCH a convenient snack, I love them) so I grabbed a couple, took a red, yellow and green pepper from the fridge, along with a little green Serano chili, Bulgarian fat-free yoghurt and a jar of English mustard.

Then I went to the cupboard to get a couple of sesame rye Ryvitas a-n-d there were NONE. THERE!  ARGGGHH!

I spent the next five minutes having a discussion with myself as to whether or not I was prepared to get in the car and drive out on a Sunday evening just to get a pack of Ryvitas, OR whether I could wait until the morning and Monday morning.  The final answer? Monday morning – remarkably restrained and patient for me, I thought!

After a quick trip to the supermarket first thing the following morning, I got to work in the kitchen.

Sometimes recipe ideas just work the first time, this was one of those times.  OH my goodness it was super-scrummy, hit the spot with just the right amount of ‘soft and crunchy’ and ‘sweet and…’ what’s the word I’m looking for?  Not savoury or sour either.  You know what?  Give this recipe a go and then let me know what you think the right word is to describe the ‘mayonnaise’ – I don’t think it’s ‘tart’ either.

So, here’s how you make Triple Pepper Egg ‘Mayonnaise’ and the all important numbers for those of you who like the nitty-gritty numerical detail…

Triple Pepper Egg ‘Mayonnaise’

1) Peel two hard-boiled eggs and chop them up in a bowl

2) Dice 20g each of red, green and yellow pepper and as much chili as you think you’ll be able to handle – if you like it hot, lots; if you don’t, then just a little.  Add to the chopped egg

3) Add whichever combination of herbs and spices take your fancy

4) Weigh out 75g of yoghurt and 5g of English mustard

5) Add to the egg, pepper, herbs and spices and mix well

6) Pile onto two Ryvitas (I sprinkled a little paprika on the top because I like it), and EAT!


Those quantities make quite a lot – you could easily spread it across three Ryvitas or reduce the numbers to one egg and 50g of yoghurt if you just wanted enough to pile onto two, and if you wanted to ‘posh’ it up a bit then you could use one egg, 50g of smoked salmon and maybe some chopped capers – now THAT would be seriously yum!

Here’s the breakdown for the above quantities:

Calories: 259

Protein: 16g

Carbs: 25g (of which sugars, 5g)

Fat: 9g (of which saturated, 2g)

Fibre: 6g


There are lots of different things you could use for toppings, so I hope this has given you the inspiration and inclination to give this a go and experiment with some of your own creations – I’ve just had a flash of venison sausage in some sort of cold tomato and pepper based sauce/relish!

Let me know how you enjoyed this and whether you conjured up any of your own creations 🙂


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